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How we'll work together

  1. Get in touch using the contact form or email to describe your editing needs.

  2. Send me a writing sample. Writing samples enable me to evaluate the type and intensity of editing your project needs. Samples are typically 5–10 pages long. If you are writing full-length book, I recommend sending representative pages from at least two chapters of your work.

  3. I will perform a free sample edit on your writing sample at the level of editing requested (e.g., copy-editing versus manuscript evaluation). 

  4. Your writing sample will also be used to estimate my editing fees. I will send you a cost estimate within seven days of receiving your sample.

  5. If you accept the estimate, I will prepare an editing contract, which specifies the agreed scope of the work using guidelines from Editors Canada. An editing contract specifies the agreed-upon editing activities, fees to be charged, delivery dates, and other details of our working relationship. 

  6. Sign the contract electronically and return it to me, along with the most recent version of your project. 

  7. Before work begins, pay the agreed-upon deposit, which is typically 25% of the final cost of editing.

  8. Finally, I’ll deliver your edited manuscript and any agreed-upon reports and critiques. The balance of my fee should be paid within 30 days of project delivery.


Please Note:     I do not work on manuscripts prepared using AI applications such as ChatGPT. Too many technical, legal, and

ethical issues are associated with AI writing tools for me to accept AI-generated work at this time. 

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A word about fees

Every manuscript is different. Fees will therefore vary according to how much editorial care and attention your manuscript requires. For example, manuscripts with few grammatical errors and sound sentence structures cost less to edit than those with structural or sentence-level problems on every page.


Fees are higher for manuscript evaluations or stylistic editing than for copy editing. Manuscripts needing a "heavy" copy edit cost more to edit than those that require a "light" copy edit. Costs for academic or technical editing will depend on the complexity of the material and the degree of back and forth interaction with authors that the project demands. 

My estimated fees are based on the schedule of median fees published by the Editorial Freelancers Association, discounted to Canadian dollars. These rates will be revised from time to time to reflect rates of inflation and cost-of-living increases. Hourly rates can also be negotiated if you or your organization need to pay consultants by the hour.

Optional extras such as book maps or style sheets entail additional fees. I currently charge a set hourly rate of CAD 75 per hour for Zoom meetings or phone calls.

     Current schedule of estimated fees

Copy editing                               

Stylistic editing                           

Academic/technical editing   

Manuscript evaluation              Developmental editing       

$0.03–$0.05 per word

$0.04–$0.07   "       "

$0.03–$0.10   "       "

$0.04–$0.08   "       "

$0.04–$0.08   "       "  

About fees
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