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My writing background

As a writer, I am both eclectic and a work in progress. For over 20 years, I concentrated on producing research articles and technical reports, most of which related to forest management or applied ecology. I've also written occasional popular articles, going back as far as 1988.


These days, I write speculative fiction stories and non-fiction articles for a general audience. Look below for links to completed articles and a description of my fiction-writing endeavors.


Since 2017, I've been putting myself through a creative writing boot camp. I’ve read craft books by the dozen, attended in-person and online writing workshops, and absorbed writing craft through my ears by listening to some of the excellent writing podcasts that are out there.

Most of my fiction deals with environmental issues and the more-than-human world. My speculative fiction novel in progress is still—well—in progress as I tackle my third draft. I also have several short stories that are in various stages of being edited or rewritten.  

My writing craft and editing skills continue to benefit from this ongoing, self-directed writing education. So, when you trust me with your fiction manuscript, you can do so knowing that we're on the same writerly journey.


These days I'm more interested in writing for general audiences than for specialized academic journals. Among other things, I've written on the role of hope in wildlife conservation, lessons learned from the COP 26 climate conference (here and here), and Canada's ocean policy

My non-fiction work will continue to tackle themes of environmental conservation, resource management, and climate change. These themes have been the lifelong concerns and provided the foundations for much of my teaching and research.


For over two decades, I researched forest ecology and forest management in Canada, Mexico, Panama, Bolivia, and Malawi. My most recent work was motivated by my concerns over climate change, and saw me make forays into forest adaptation to climate change, environmental psychology, the loaded politics of environmental buzzwords, and the expression of climate anxiety through the arts. 

I continue to track research developments in my fields of interest, and am happy to discuss your academic editing needs.

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