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“I’ve known for years that I struggled with ‘show, don’t tell’ when describing my characters’ emotions. Andrew patiently provided hands-on examples and even a partial section rewrite to teach me the tools I needed to deepen the resonance. It was one of several “ah-ha!” moments I had during the editing process with Andrew. He pushed me to better understand my characters and their motivations and ultimately unfurl who they were always meant to be.”

Alana Westwood, 2021

“I have dealt with a number of structural and copy editors. I have seen a wide range of editing styles. So far, Andy’s editing work is the most thorough, organized and thought-provoking I have seen. I may not have agreed with everything he commented on, but the points and issues, he raised got me thinking and reflecting on what I need to do next to improve my manuscript.”

Hai van Le, 2022

“Finding Andy felt like finding a lucky needle in a haystack... He is an honest, straightforward communicator who really cares about the success of the project he is editing. I really appreciated Andy's willingness to do research and dive deeper into the topics of my project so that he could be an even finer editor. As well as being a superb editor, Andy also felt like a coach or a teammate, which made the experience incredibly enjoyable. Andy is a pleasure to work with, and my project would not be where it is now without him.”​

Ashley Erdely, 2022

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